LG DVD Burners not reading/writing!?!?!?!?

I am not sure what exactly I am doing (by this post) but here goes.

I just built a new computer; Abit Kv7-V with VIA KT600/VT8237 chipset, with an AMD Athlon 2400+ processor, 1 gig ram (2 512 Kingmax DDR 400 sticks). All with the latest BIOS, and Firmware, respectively.

I have 2 LG DVD burners, a GSA-4160B, and a GSA-H10A. I want to be able to use both (at different times) for reading, and or writing.

They are on IDE 2 channel, one master, the H10A, and slave, the 4160B. A 40 gig and a 30 gig HD in IDE 1 (master/slave settings accordingly.)

When I boot up and go to my computer, both DVD burners are visible, BUT neither will read nothing, it always says “put in a disk.”

I recently set up a friend’s computer with a P4 and Intel chipset and he has 2 LG DVD burners and he has no issues whatsoever.

I use Roxio 7.5 to do my burning; and yes I have tried Nero, I don’t like it. Thanks.


IF I have a RAM disk in each of the 2 DVD burners, and I boot the machine with the RAM disks in the burners, it will read them, write them, erase them, format them etc. I can burn DVD-+R etc.

I can switch to a movie DVD and proceed to extract the movie and so on with no problems. But as I said above, IF I boot without any RAM disks in the burners, NOTHING, nada, nyet.

Can anybody explain what is going on here, does anybody know?



Most bizarre. My guess is either there is some odd software driver causing that behaviour or else both drives don’t like being connected with each other.

Things you can try :

  1. Boot in safe mode (which will generally skip loading most third party drivers and software) and see if the drive works normally

  2. Disconnect one of the two LG writers at a time (will need rejumpering for the 4160B when you use it alone) and then start the system and see if the symptoms are still there.