LG DVD burner, Windows 7, Jerky video

Okay… I’ve tried for days to fix this, but I can’t find a solution on Google or on this site. I hope I don’t sound too much like a noob with this. :disagree:

I purchase, create or download various video files: AVIs, MP4s, etc. I convert them in Cucucsoft (which I purchased, thank you) to Video_TS files. I then burn them using DVDShrink or ImbBurn onto DVDs. This all worked fine in WinXP. I recently upgraded my computer and went with Windows 7 RC 64 bit and plan to purchase the new OS when it comes out. Here’s my problem.

The Cucusoft conversion works fine. Burning with ImgBurn seems to work fine. But when I play the DVD in my players, the video is obnoxiously stuttery. Audio is fine. From what I’ve learned here and on Google, it seems like it’s a problem with the DVD drive. I installed the latest MB drivers and SATA MB drivers from ASUS, to no avail.

Does anyone have any insight into why this would be happening. My setup:

CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 8400
MB: Asus P5Q Pro
DVD Drive: LG GH22LS30 (SATA)
OS: Windows 7 RC 64bit

I set the BIOS on-chip SATA mode to ACHI. Type is set to AUTO. PIO Mode i set to AUTO. DMA Mode is set to AUTO. Do I need to set PIO Mode to 4? Do I need to set DMA Mode to UDMAS? Will any of these things help?

Is it the drive, the OS, the MB or something else? If it’s the drive, can you recommend a DVD drive that will work with Win7 64bit?



To check playback of dvds with your drive and this operating system, just try playing a commercially made dvd first. If that shows the same symptoms, then you might have a problem in the hardware or the software you are using for playback.

What are you using for dvd playback by the way?

If the problems don’t show up on a commercially made dvd-rom, the next step is to try a burned dvd that has not been converted/altered in any way. So, pick a small commercial dvd, rip it to the hard drive (you can just select the main movie if you like so that you don’t have to use compression), then burn to a disk with ImgBurn. Burn at a moderate speed…I suggest 8x for this test. If the video shows signs of jerkiness in this unconverted dvd, then suspect your choice of media first…we recommend Verbatim as a safe bet for blank dvds.

If no problems occur in either of those two tests, your problem is mostly likely in the conversion process. I am not a fan of Cucusoft programs.

Kerry56’s advice is excellent so follow it. The very first thing you should do is try a commercial video (just any bought dvd). if it plays fine, try a few more, and if they play fine, it rules a lot out. To add some more options, download cdspeed and do a burst rate test (does that still work fine for sata drives)? That will diagnose if you have and pio/dma problems. while I don’t know how a sata drive should perform, it should probably get about 25Mbps or better. I actually have an lg gh22ns30, but only used it briefly (due to a motherboard death).

If based on Kerry56’s advice, you suspect software, try anydvd and slysoft clone dvd and make a copy of a movie (both have free trials so you don’t have to pay to test). Nero is good too and has a free trial, but there user interface has become difficult (my opinion, I still use it), so anydvd and nero is another option and nero also has a free trial. There is nothing wrong with using a free trial to diagnose problems. Be aware, there are ripoff sites for clone dvd so it might be better to google slysoft, get their home page, and look for the clone dvd free trial.

As another option, during jerky video playback, (I was thinking you were using vista but just saw it was 7, my bad, duh and all, its in the title, google how to get into task manager (I assume it still has it). See what your cpu and memory usage is. If either are a problem, see what is using the power or memory, video playback or something else? Something as simple as an antivirus program can lock up your system from excessive cpu usage. Something as simple as a web browser can eat huge amounts of memory.

I hope that helps some.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page… I’m not trying to play DVDs on my computer or make copies of copyrighted commercial DVDs. I’m trying to convert downloaded MP4s or AVIs on my PC, burn them to DVD, and use my Sony 5-Disk DVD player – or my Sony Blu-Ray player – to play them on my TV. Does that make sense? I’m downloading MP4 files, converting them to Video_TS files, and trying to burn them so I can watch them on TV.

I’ve tried several freeware apps in addition to Cucusoft to convert the files. I’ve tried several freeware apps, in addition to Nero, which I own, to burn them to DVD. No matter what combination of apps I use, the video stutters when I play back the burned disk.

Having said that… I put a random DVD (Hot Fuzz) in my PC DVD drive, and it plays just fine. I also put a DVD I’d burned BEFORE I upgraded my computer, and it plays perfectly also. So the LG DVD drive will PLAY DVDs just fine. However, if I burn a DVD on my current computer and put it BACK in my computer DVD drive to play, it stutters both on my PC DVD drive and on my home theater DVD players.

I downloaded cdspeed. It’s running right now. … Burst rate in cdspeed is 46.2 mb/s. Average read speed is 4.3 X. Random access time is 137 ms. Not sure what I should be looking for, but that sounds fine to me.

So… I ask again… given my hardware setup and operating system, why can’t I convert an MP4 to DVD files and burn it to a DVD without video stuttering? Is it a conflict between Win7 and my DVD burner? Is it a conflict between my DVD burner and my MB? Is it a problem with my drivers or firmware? Surely there is a solution to this.

Am I making sense? Sorry if I sound like a noob.


This sounds like a media problem. LG drives have a reputation for being picky with the types of media they burn well…don’t know if that holds true for the newest models or not.

Buy some Verbatim 16x blank dvds. Burn one at 8x and see if you still get the stuttering.

When you convert a video to dvd-video format, does it play correctly from the hard drive before you burn to a disk? You should check the output from your conversion program.

If you’d like to try another conversion program, look at these three free programs: AVStoDVD, FAVC and DVDFlick.

Hmm… I’d be shocked if it were media. I’ve used virtually every brand of CD (I always buy whatever’s cheapest) in a dozen different burners over the past several years, and I have yet to have one of them not burn a particular brand of CD. But one never knows, I guess.

I’ll try burning some files and maybe some music – something other than a movie – onto one of my current disks and see if it works okay for that. After that, I may try the Verbatim thing.

One thing that makes me doubt that it’s the media is that the stuttering is extremely consistent. It’s like only every fifth frame of the video is playing, and it’s that way throughout the movie, as far as I can tell. And the sound is perfect with no stuttering. If it were the media, I’d think it would be more random or intermittent than that.

To answer your question, yes, the movie plays fine in the preview window on my PC. It’s only on the burned disk that it stutters.

Thanks for the help. If anyone else has any ideas, let me know. This whole situation is royally pissing me off.


I recently upgraded my computer and went with Windows 7 RC 64 bit

You are using a BETA, problems are to be expected.

I set the BIOS on-chip SATA mode to ACHI.

Did you set it [B]before[/B] you installed Win7?

Well, it’s a bit better than a beta, technically… it’s a release candidate, but I knew I’d probably run into a few snags. So far, though, this is the only one I’ve been unable to fix with a driver download or change in apps. Nevertheless, problems are to be FIXED as well, if possible – or at least reported to MS if I can figure out what the problem is. Which is what I’m trying to do.

I did NOT set the bios to ACHI before installing Win 7. Does that make a difference? It went through a couple of “installing software for new device” pop-ups after I switched it and booted up. How sure are you it would make a difference to re-install? I’d hate to go to that much trouble for nothing.

Thanks for the ideas, everyone.


My humble apologies. It was Cucusoft all along.Apparently it doesn’t work with a 64-bit OS. I used DVDFlick, and all is well. Wonderful program. Thanks for the tip. Seems I wasted $20 on Cucu. Everything seems to work fine now. Thanks a million for the help. I knew you guys would get me on track! :slight_smile: