Lg Dvd Burner 4163b Could Work In My Hp Pavilion 6651?



Hi Everyone! I’m Just New Here (my Very First Ever Signing Up) And I’ve Been Reading The Threads Relationated. However I Still Having Dudes And I Wonder If My Hp Pavilion 6651 Mmx, With The Following System Characteristics:

Celeron 533 Mhz, 256 Mb Ram, Windows 98se Oem, Video Card Intel 82810 Graphics Controller (with Direct X9) With 16mb. Are All Those Good Enough To Get Burning In 4 - 8x? And Of Course Watching Without Problems Dvd Movies?

Also I’ve To Tell You That Since I Improved The Ram (original 64mb) My System Is Very Fast But Obviously With Limitants In The System Resources. I Can Run Word, Tango Manager Internet Hi Speed (512 Kbps), Nav And Nis 2002, Internet Explorer, Download Peer To Peer Network At The Same Time And No Problems. Sometimes I Get Amazed Of How This Celeron Processor Works So Fine Like One Pentium.

So, With This I Want To Get Sure Before Of Make The Buy If My System Could Support That Lg Burner.

Thanks For Your Help! :slight_smile:


For simple burning, it should work just fine. In any event, you can install it in your next system.
You will find, however, that it will be slow if you have to change from one format or bit rate to another when doing video. An example would be copying a commercial DVD to a regular DVD and the movie is greater than two hours. The reason for this is the movie has to be crunched in order to fit on to a regular DVD.
Consider the DVD burner as the first step toward getting your next computer which will cost a fraction of what you paid for that HP.


I would have thought that 4x is about the best you’ll get & that’ll be not running anything else at the time. Trying 8x might just be pushing it a bit too far.
Make sure that the LG goes on the secondary IDE channel keeping it & the HD on separate channels.
Your graphics card might not handle the video throughput of watching a DVD movie. I remember on an old AMD system I had (450mhz) that I couldn’t successfully watch a movie, mind you it had a inferior graphics card.


The main issue with burning will be the speed of your hard drive. If your hard drive is very old and slow, it can limit your burning speed. I have 450mhz PIII that will burn up to 8x with no problem.


Ok, Thanks! I appreciate your help and advices. :slight_smile:

I have another question: What about if I install Lg in the principal IDE channel replacing my original samsung cd driver and not in separate channels as Tim c says. all That’s because I have only space in the UCP for one and i’d have to uninstall the old one. In all ways doing this, should I connect the Lg in the secondary channel?

Again, thanks for your help! :wink:


I would never have the burner on the same IDE channel as the HD that I was burning from. If you do you’ll not only slow down the burning process very considerably but reduce the quality of the burn. Even though modern burners have features to prevent buffer underrun (data not reaching the burner fast enough) they can’t always prevent problems occurring.
The other important thing in burning is to keep your HD regularly defragmented as a fragmented drive will again reduce the speed at which the data can be transferred.

Glad to hear that someone with a system similar to yours has no problems burning at 8x.


Ok! I got it. I didn’t know those features must be considered. Really guys you know and orient so fine! :clap:

Thanks to all of you and Tim for your help. I’ll get the LG, test it and tell you how it works.

I’ll keep you posted. :cool:


The 4163B is a fine drive… I hope you have good luck with it. If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to ask us on the board.


Hi everyone! I’m here again. :bigsmile:

Where do I start? Well… right here: Thanks God and all your help it works fine!. :bow:

You know, when I finished to install Power DVD, and Power Producer Gold (some of the bundle software) first I was little nervious because it appeared checked options about something to enable DMAs. I clicked accept and then, restarting the computer, the Power DVD (viewer) didn’t work! About to Play the disc and then stopped :confused: . Something in me told me that I had to I change that configuration disabling DMAs, restart computer again and :stuck_out_tongue: I marvel that I was watching a DVD ever in this computer.

Now, a little detail: not so much noted but yes you could see that the video comes after the sound, and little bit paused but it’s acceptable either to watching it and knowing my system hardware is limitated. :iagree:

Not a dude 4163B is a fine drive! Good sound and vibe colors.

Another thing: My system automatically limited the burning process at 4x, not other option, not even lower, anyway I think it’s fine the speed.

So far I’ve noted this. Now I’m thinking get a new hard drive in order to get more space available, but I don’t know the recommended Gigs according my system and motherboard. Some tell me 40 and others 60. Any recomendation? My drive has only 10 Gigs capacity and 3 available, however first I wanted to get that Lg!.

Also I’ve to tell that the IDE that goes to the HD has only a Master Port, and the power connector is divided with option to install a second one. Chance would be because I must to replace my HD?, my motherboard could support a second HD?

Please experts, tell me what to do about it…