LG DVD 2166d

Hi, guys

Last week I bought the lg dvd 2166d burner. The drive is immediately being recognised by Windows and reads other DVDs (originals or burned in other drives) perfectly. The problem comes when I try to burn my DVD: each time I put a blank DVD (so far, I tried Maxell DVD-R and Verbatim DVD-R, both SL), in the Windows Explorer I get the following information on the disc memory/capacity:
Total: 0 bytes
Free space: 0 bytes.
When I try to burn the DVD under Windows (I am using Windows XP SP1 - I still haven’t tried any software such as Nero), I get the message that “the inserted CD is full or not writable”.

sounds like you’re trying to burn using Window’s built-in burning capability.
i don’t think it handles DVDs.
try Nero etc. will probably work fine.

Windows XP cannot burn DVD by itself.
It either needs a plug-in to enable DVD writing capabilities or you simply use a burning program.


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Thank you, guys!
I figured it had to be something with the Windows built-in burning features, but couldn’t find the info. I’ll try with Nero.

karangguni : I’m sorry for the duplicated thread, my finger was just too fast.
I’ll pay attention nexttime.


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