Lg Dvd+ 16x

is that media good ?

for some reason chossing 5X will give me lower quality score.

scan quality@ 16x

Read this thread :


PIFs are okay, but PIEs are way too high. There is even a 292 PIF spike. NECs are peculiar scanners though, and the perfect scanning speed even varies from drive to drive. Maybe you should try with other speeds except 5x and 16x?
If you can scan with a Litey, Plex or BenQ, try any of those instead :slight_smile:

I guess you shouldn’t use LGEP16 001 for important data :slight_smile:


Much nicer. 12x may be a much more suitable speed for your NEC drive.

Yes, the NEC 3550/3551/450/4551 drives are peculiar scanners, and each drive (not model) has its own “preferred” scanning speed.

My NEC ND-4551 prefers scanning at 12x and 1x, but 1x is too slow for everyday use.

@[B]kimohw[/B]: your scan looks good but not spectacular, due to the slightly elevated number of PIF. If a Read Transfer test looks good also, I wouldn’t worry about that disc.