LG Drives rendered useless after lightscribe use! (LG GSA-H54L)

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-H54L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi

I have always purchased LG drives in the past - as they have been very reliable.

I Currentky have 3 LG Drives;

GSA-4167B (No Lightscribe)
GSA-H54L (Lightscribe)
GSA-E60L (Lightscribe. External USB)

The only drive that reads and writes is my trusty old 4167B.

Since using lightscribe on H54L and E60L - I now have the following problems.

GSA-H54L - Can still burn lightscribe - but does not read any DVD or CD (Had this drive for 18 Months)

GSA-E60L - No longer reads or recognises any DVD - and if I place a verbatim lightscribe dvd face up - it will hang lightscribe - with the light continually flashing.

Any help woul be appreciated.


Never had any problems with lightscribe, but you may want to check you drives in another pc, or you can use a live cd/dvd to find out if you have a problem with your OS or with the drives.

Hi - thanks for the response.
I have tried commercial dvds - to no avail.
I will plug in my USB E60L into my laptop to eliminate OS or Software issues.

Have you ran the LS Diagnostic app to see if it shows anything?

[QUOTE=Bob;2162169]Have you ran the LS Diagnostic app to see if it shows anything?[/QUOTE]

Hi - Yes, I have run the diags - no problems.

The USB E60L will not work on my laptop either - so I suspect that both drives will have to be replaced.


If you want to experiment a little more you can donwload ubuntu, and try to boot your system.