LG drives clarification



Hello all,

Just want to summarize my understanding of the recent LG drives hardware. As far as I can see, BH16NS40 with (SVC Code : NS50),BH16NS55, BH16NS58 are the same crossflashable drives. Also it is possible to crossflash any of them to LG WH16NS58DUP (Results/Discussion: LG WH16NS58DUP (SVC. Code NS58, 2016+)) to get the ability to do DVD/BluRay disc quality scans.

BH16NS60 is a sligtly different, has more chip inside (LG WH16NS60 \ LG BH16NS60 Ultra HD Blu-ray), therefore is not crossflashable yet. Not sure what this chip does and is it really needed?

So what is the best option here? Buy any of the BH16NS4X/5X and crossflash it to WH16NS58DUP?


Ideally we should create a wiki page with burners lists and their capabilities