Lg Driver



yesterday i burnt to dvdr 4 files with my new dvd ram lg multi dvd player usb, and last night the usb player
would not work right, because i keep getting this message, welcome to the found new hareware wizard,
and when i turn on my laptop this is what i get,

1st hl-dt-st dvd-rw gca-4080n
2nd hl-dt-st dvdram gsa-4167b usb device

now i have got this lg cd with all the stuff on like syberlink software and its the same software i had with
my full computer system which i had before and worked very good,but everytime i put this cd into the
usb dvd player it starts up and there is this green click on button, which you click to give you all the
drivers for such things as this lg multi dvd ram player, but it does not work at all, it stores most things but
when finished, you think all should work good, but its not stored the lg driver which the usb player needs
to work right, the laptop knows that there is a lg player usb, but i cant work it at all with out the driver,
i have looked on the web using google and i have been to the LG website but nothing comes up about
drivers, this weeks been up and down all week and i have just got my lap top working great and this happens, i have not done a thing rong, i was just thinking is there any forums which cater for driver
software for dvd ram players, simom what im after is a driver so i can get this to work, any idea where i can get one from, thanks simon


I think that the USB drives don’t get enough power.