Lg driver download?

hello every body. i bought an oem version LG GSA4120B dvd dual burner(ships without any software) but i cannot find the windows drivers, for it have tried the uk & usa lg websites without success. any ideas guys i am using win98 se thanks in anticipation!

Hi from what I understand you dont need any drivers for it. Windows should automatically detect it… I have the retail boxed version of the drive… Still yet to install it in my PC though. But it did not come with any drivers disks… It only came with software applications…

i think win xp has the dedicated drivers win 98 has only genetic drivers . the drivers are also in a folder in the bundled software in nero!

Well I had a look on the CD and I could not find any drivers for it… Where abouts in Nero do you think they are?

NO drivers needed!

For CDR burn/reads, DVD-R/W burn/reads, DVD+R/W burn/reads, you don’t need a driver. To access the DVD-RAM functions of the LG drives, there is a DVD-RAM UDF driver for that.

Here’s what LG has to say on the matter:

"The drag-and-drop DVD-RAM drivers that come with LG drives are licensed from other companies and can’t be posted on this site, but they are located on the CD that came with the unit.

Starting with the model GSA-4120B, Nero InCD is included with the unit as a DVD-RAM driver. InCD version 4.1 (and newer) has built-in support for DVD-RAM.

For older models, the DVD-RAM drivers can be found on the disc under a folder named ‘Driver’ or ‘RAMDrv’. Or, you can use Nero InCD version 4.1 or newer. Nero InCD is part of Nero’s CD/DVD software suite, a trial version can be downloaded from www.nero.com. "