LG DRD8160B DVDROM Firmware

I’m not sure if this is the right place for it, but it’s the closest I could decipher.
I need a copy of the original 1.01 firmware for the LG DRD8160B DVD-ROM. I tried the firmware site, but their ‘original’ one had some dirty huge “(KOR)” identifiers on it, and I need the one without those identifiers.
Basically, I had a problem with the drive (The drive wouldn’t recognise discs after a few hours of being empty), and was trying to solve it through firmware. That didn’t help, and now i want to claim warranty on it.
Note that I’m not trying to be dishonest by claiming warranty for something that went wrong because of the flash, the drive was exhibiting this problem before firmware changes.


What do you mean by “’(KOR)’ identifiers”? The firmware is official LG firmware even if it is for a Korean drive…

Yeah, I know that, it’s just that asthetically, it’s not the same firmware as I started with. It’s a shining beacon that I’ve been fiddling with it (trying to fix it).
I’m not sure if the warranty guys will take it with Korean firmware.

I’ve sent you an email, discussing your delima, and mine as well. I hope you can be of assistance to me. I too am searching for compatiable, and correct software. Unfortunately with no luck this far…Can you help???

Maybe I could get a copy of your disk, maybe it will work with mine. :cool:

Firmware files are same even if one version is targeted for China distribution and another is meant for US distribution. Only “read-me” .txt files are different most of the times.

I am looking for firmware for this drive as well. What is the URL for it?

Join the club! Seems to be a growing number of us :slight_smile: