LG DRD8160b DVD-ROM - can I bring it back from the dead?


As mentioned above, I have a seemingly dead LG DRD8160b DVD-ROM on my hands, which, I am quite sure, a mate has misflashed. I know its a mediatek chipset, all well and good. I can use MTKFlashWin. Not a problem.

HOWEVER, there is one major problem. I plug it into any IDE channel, on any given system, and it locks the system at post. It doesnt appear to power cycle on boot either (ie. its LED doesnt flash upon power on of the system)

Is this drive totally and surely dead or is there a way to flash it back to life?

Disable the drive’s channel in BIOS and it will continue to boot past drive detection.

Got into windows at least.

Tried both methods of detection in MTKFlashWin. Only IDE mode would do anything.

Merged the two .bin files into one file for the LG drive. Tried to flash, all I get is:

“ERR: fail to identify the flash type!”

Any ideas?

Try mtkflash in DOS.

Ok…so, she wouldnt even work under DOS. Had an idea however. Tried actually plugging molex and IDE in while the system was hot. Ran MTKFlash in dos with a merged .bin…and it flashed back to life.

Took a little tinkering, but WELL worth it…;).

Thanks. Owe you one.