LG DR4812W recording problems


Unit has recording problems – still under warranty.
I had been backing up my VHS tape collection and had burned 200 discs. Suddenly it began to ‘cut out’ after recording 10 minutes, Further attempts resulted in the recording ‘cutting out’ after 3 minutes. I made quite a few coasters. Took it into LG service agent who could find nothing wrong with it.

Subsequent tests as follows:-

  1. Original VHS ‘Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker’.
    Recording stopped after 2.30 with no error message.
  2. Backup copy of ‘Fourth Protocol’. Recording stopped after 3.45 with message ‘unknown error, cannot record’.
  3. Original copy of ‘Fourth Protocol’. Recording stopped at 3.34.
  4. Copy of TV program. Recording stopped after 6.39.

I gave up after that. Appealing to the LG service agent will get me nowhere. Perhaps there is something I am missing?

I had a similar problem with my LG DR4812W. I took it back to where I bought it and they replaced it with another. New one works ok but I may just be lucky, reading these forums this is a bad recorder to buy. :frowning: