LG DR4810 "Please Wait" Problem

Hi All

I Have a Lg Dr4810 DVD Recorder, “JUST” over 12 months old
It is constantly showing “Please Wait” on the display and nothing else happens, i have tried unplugging for a while but still the same afterwards.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation

Darren W

Welcome to the Forum, Darren.

Have you tried resetting the unit (turning on and holding the power button for at least 5-10 seconds)?

Have you tried playing an original DVD?

Hi Thanks for the reply
Yes im afraid ive tried the reset thing.
I cant get the door to open to try another disc

Have you tried unplugging the unit for a longer period of time (24 hours)?

If you have, then I am afraid there is only one choice: service center. :frowning:

HI all

You must upgrade your firmware and bootloader to DR4810.
if your LG don’t start normal from upgrade process , you must disconect all plugins inside LG recorder wait few minutes and conect all again and start it .
if dont normal start you must turning on and holding the power button for at least 5 seconds.
next load new firmware and bootloader cd and step by step follow manual

If you want new firmware.iso and bootloader.iso tell me
I’ll sent you

sorry for my english

Where can you get the firmware and booloader info - tried the LG site
Any help would be appreciated

Many thanks


For all who are wanted latest firmware checked in my DR 4810 OK :iagree:
two cd’s


Hi everyone I am new here and new to DVD recording. I just bought the LG DR4810, a good price i thought at just £69.99 (all I could afford) overall I am happy so far with it, but am a bit confused as the manual does tell me that I can format my -disc’s in both VR & Video mode, can someone clarify for me please if this also applies to -RW discs as well as -R discs. I know by default that -RW will format in Vr but I really want to change this to video for my -RW’s.

Also I would like to know a little bit more about the above quote re the firmware, has anyone attempted to do this, is it safe and does it realy benifit the the recorder, if so in what way? I have downloaded it but at the moment too frightened to attempt to upgrade untill I have a little more knowledge about it. I don’t know if I would dash my warranty if I were to continue, so any one with ANY info with regard to the LG DR4810 would you be so kind as to pass on your knowledge, I would be extreamly greatfull x :bow:

opp’s! I just noticed from another page I have posted in the wrong forum (sorry) I will eventually find my way around!

VR mode is only an option for -RW discs. -R discs can only be recorded in Video mode. To change format go to set up - then disc format.

Re an earlier post, to open the tray during “please wait”, remove casing then loosen front panel (clips either side and underneath). Power up to get “please wait”, then press small microswitch in bottom left corner of the DVD player unit.

Sorry - I meant bottom right!

Hi, I have the same problem. I’ve managed to open the box up & work the eject button but iut still wont boot up. I’ve also tried the above suggestion & copied the .iso and update files to a CD-RW disk and tried starting with this in palce but no joy. Anybosy got any suggestions or help in using the new firmware? Thanks


I have the same problem as you with your lg dvd recorder did you get it sorted if so how

Hi all,

I am another victim of the ‘PLEASE WAIT’ message. Anybody managed to solve this? - Help would be most apreciated!


My sympathies to all of you. I am having the same problem but cannot find the firmware for the DR4810 ( the link from Zawerski is dead.) Anyone know where I can find the update and bootloader.iso?


open up your device, unmount DVD writer bracket, remove writer, open writer, clean laser with soft tissue, and there you go again !

:slight_smile: Hello firmware lg dr 4810.


:wink: :wink:

please send me new firmware.iso and bootloader.iso.tanks.

Hello, can anyone send me an Link or the Update Cd´s (2 pieces) for the LG DR4810. its very important because in need the update to solve problem because i hsve problems with several DVD´s.

Thanks a lot and sorry for my bat english.