LG DN898 DVD Player File Problems



I got this LG DN898 Home DVD Player and it comes with a USB port. It says it can play avi, mpg, MP3 and mpeg files. So far I only got it to work with a flash drive. It will play MP3 files just fine. But I tried to load a AVI file on the flash drive and it says it a non supported file. Although it does show the title of the file. On the on screen menu. It just won’t play it. If I burn them to disc. It will play them just fine. I don’t understand why it won’t play the files. From the USB port flash drive. Even though they show up on the On Screen menu.

Here’s what it says for file requirements.

MPEG4 File Requirement

This unit does not support DivX files

The MPEG4 file compatibility for this player is limited follows:

Available resolution size 720x576 [H x W] pixel

The file names of MPEG4 and sub titles are limited to 20 characters

MPEG4 file extensions “AVI” “MPG” “MPEG”

Playable MPEG4 subtitles: SubRip [ .srt / .txt ] SAMI [.smi ]
SubStation Alpha [ .ssa/ .txt] MicroDVD [ .sub/ .txt] SubViewer 2.0 [ .sub/ .txt ] TMPlayer [ .txt ] DVD Subtitle System [ .txt ]

Playable Audio Formats: “Dolby Digital” “DTS” “PCM” “MP3” “WMA”

Sampling Frequency: Within 8-48 kHz . Within 22-48 kHz [WMA]

Bitrate: Within 8 - 320 kbps , 32 - 256 kbps [WMA] , less than 6Mbps
[MPEG4 File]

CD-R/RW , DVD±R/RW Format ISO 9660

Maximum Files/Disc: Less than 650 [Total number of files and folders]

I’m not much of a video guru when it comes to disecting video files. So I really don’t understand what all that means. I’ve tried a couple of different AVI files on the flash drive. And they just won’t play. Here’s the AVI properties of one of the files I tried.


Width: 352

Height: 240

Duration: 0:42:36

Bit Rate: 55 kbps

Audio Format: MPEG Layer-3

Frame Rate: 29 fps

Data Rate: 801 kbps

So does anyone know what’s going on here? Because I’m not sure what type of AVI files this thing will play.


If the files play from a CD/DVD but not from the flash drive, then it isn’t a file issue. It sounds more like a bug or issue with the USB interface.


Well I’ve put a bunch of files on the flash drive. To check out what all it can play.

It will play MP3’s and WMA’s just fine. It also will play mpg & mpeg movies just fine. From the flash drive. But I can’t get it to play avi movies from the flash drive. Although it says it’s capable of playing these types of files.


Put the same files onto a CD/DVD and try again. Based on your first post, I suspect ALL of the files will play (including the avi files). In which case, my first post still applies. Try contacting the player manufacturer. It may be a known bug which can be fixed with firmware.


i just got this dvd player and it plays my burnt avi files just fine on dvd. (well it cuts off the subtitles since they are hardcoded but the max height of the video is above the 720 the player supports so it makes sense). but then again i’ve only tested this on 1 burnt data disc so far.