Lg - Dn191h

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I bought an LG - DN191H DVD Player from Best Buy. I bought it because i wanted to play DivX and XviD video files in good quality, and the ones i have in higher res, in higher res on my HDTV.

My problem is simple, i can’t get the Player to read any DVD-RW Data DVD that i create that has a XviD or DivX file on it.

When i put these same files to a storage card, and play it out of the memory slot on the Player, perfect. But, i’d like to have the DVD part of it work too. I have tried different brands of DVD-RW’s and the slowest burn speeds on my PC. Nothing, every time i get a “Disc Error” reply. And ideas?

Lastly, i have also tested these same DVD-RW’s on another player i have that plays DivX and XviD, just a little choppy, and it reads the DVD-RW’s right away.

I wish i could edit my thread to let people know i have a problem… :rolleyes: