LG "DMA selection" program

I have this thing that pops up EVERY time I log onto windows2000:

WARNING Please read the following instructions:

This program can enable DMA mode if it is supported by your IDE drives to speed up Video playback performance. If your IDE devices can not work properly after enable DMA mode, you can restore the old settings by executing this program again.

It lists my aopen CD burner, and my LG dvd burner. After I select the LG for “enable DMA”, it then tells me “You must now restart your computer”.

After the restart, the same #$@##$ program pops up. Its pissing me off!!

This is very annoying and would piss me off too. :frowning:

I don’t think that program is doing anything useful. If your system really does have a DMA problem, it can be dealt with without that irritating program. Can you see if there is a way to uninstall the thing? Maybe in add/remove programs in control panel? Or it might be in your startup group.

After that we can try and check if your system really does have a DMA problem.