LG DivX/DVD Standalone DVD Players

are LG DVD players generally ok at playing DVD movies?
I am looking for a set-top dvd player that also combines the functionality of divX files also. In particular, i’ve been looking at the LG DV9723P DVD/Divx player (available in Australia)

if I burn the divX files to CD, can they be separated into folders and browsed using the dvd player, or would I have to add a menu using other computer software?

If anybody can give me any advice on the two questions and also other recommendations on other branded DVD/DivX-certified players it would be a great help. btw, i’ve already checked out the DivX website for certified hardware - a lot of the models listed seem to be only available in europe and the US.


I just got one of these a few days ago.

For DVD movies it’s a very adequate player (i’m not realllly fond of it’s OSD, but it does the job and does it well).

For DivX movies burt to CD or DVD, it will auto detect folders and let you traverse directory structure etc, give a list of each playable file in each folder with no need for creating a menu.

Also picks up .srt (or.sub i beleive) subtitle files if they are named the same as the video file (extension replaced obviously).

Only gripe i have with it so far is it seems to not stay in sync (audio/video sync) as well as other players i use - but this seems to be just be on files where the sync info is more sparse than it should be… majority of files i’ve tested play perfectly.

As for other players, only other hardware player i’ve used is a modded Xbox… but i belive the DV9723P is better since it doesn’t have the loud fan/hard drive that the Xbox has.

Ok thanks a lot for your reply.
Could you tell me does it play all variations of DVD media (+R/RW/DL,-R/RW/DL)? How about both PAL and NTSC DVDs and region-free movies too?


I have 1 and after making it region free I have had no trouble playing any DVD or DVD copy. I have had trouble with some new downloaded avi’s in the audio but I think this is due to the player not having the audio codec. I tried encoding them to DVD but that did not make a difference.

LG DV9723p stand alone Divx/Avi player and need updated firmware that has new codecs. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.