LG Display Announces 55-inch OLED Display



LG Display Co Ltd announced Dec 26, 2011, that it has developed an OLED panel for 55-inch TVs.

Considering that the Samsung Group is reportedly engaged in the development of a similar panel, it seems that the two companies will have a one-one-one battle in the market for large OLED displays.

The LG Display’s OLED panel is less than 5mm thick and light, and it consumes less power than the company’s LCD panels. Its contrast ratio is higher than 100,000:1 and higher than that of the LCD panels. And the response speed of its pixels is 1,000 times or more faster than that of the LCD panels.

LG Display’s OLED panels realize color display by using color filters for the light-emitting elements of white OLEDs. On the other hand, the Samsung Group uses a method in which red, green and blue light-emitting elements are applied.

This time, LG Display employed oxide semiconductor TFTs. They can realize performance equivalent to the one realized by low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (Si) TFTs, which the company has used for its small-size OLED panels, with a lower cost, it said.

LG Display plans to showcase the new OLED panel in its booth at the 2012 International CES, a trade show for consumer electronics, which will take place from January 10 to 13, 2012, in Las Vegas, the US.