LG delays the release of its Super-Multi LightScribe DVD burner



I just posted the article LG delays the release of its Super-Multi LightScribe DVD burner.

At CeBIT this year LG
announced the GSA-4165B Super-Multi DVD burner with support for HP’s
LightScribe label technology. The writer was supposed to have been released in
April but has…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10394-LG-delays-the-release-of-its-Super-Multi-LightScribe-DVD-burner.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10394-LG-delays-the-release-of-its-Super-Multi-LightScribe-DVD-burner.html)

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And PI/PIF/jitter scan ?


Didn’t we have that already with the Plextor 716a some 6 Months ago?


Maybe we’ll see 16x DVD-Ram support on the 4167B :X


hwp> Evrey brand do PI/PIF scanning but LG at the moment :frowning:


16xDVD-RAM? Well I’d hate to think what price the disks are, 2-3x disks are £4.00+ each here, dont fancy £10+ each per disk.


:frowning: I need a new writer, so I must buy another brand.


In Germany costs a DVD-RAM 3x from Verbatim 3 € :+


…don’t know where you are shopping but even on the high street you can pickup multipacks of DVD-RAMs where they workout around £2 each. Hardly expensive…


i think lg is working on faster version of lightscribe + faster dl -r burning speed


Bravo! I say… At least they dont rush to release something that they know has a problem… LiteOn take note…