LG delays the release of its Super-Multi LightScribe DVD burner

Since the LG GSA-4167B contains the LightScribe Technology, it will be more expensive then drives without this technology. Due to the LightScribe license fee.

So it will be only a little bit cheaper, the same thing
with the benq 1625

When I first bought my 4163B(retail), I paid 88,50 Euros.
Now (after 6months)it sells for 50-55(bulk)

I am a little disappointed. I was holding out for 16x DVD-RAM for this drive, but it’s looking like I’ll have to wait a little longer!

GSA-4167B is yet the most completely featured drive including 5x DVD-RAM, +/- DL, +/- DVD+RW, and LightScribe.

Add new feature :
Secure Lock Ware (DVD-RAM)

can’t understand kanji >.<

So this is available in Germany now? Any sitings or timetable for the US? Any sitings of the 5167?