LG delays the release of its Super-Multi LightScribe DVD burner

The burner will not be released until August and with a new model name, GSA-4167B (was previously 4165B).


Rather have a drive that works well than one rushed out with dodgy firmware or hardware QC issues. Might also give them time to boost the specs a little hopefully.

Take your time LG and get it right.

It wasn’t nice of LG to release GSA-4160B. It only confused so many consumers. LG should have shortened the time between GSA-4120B and GSA-4163B. I hope 4167B will have far more than 4165B was going to have.

:smiley: Well, I’m so relieved now: I couldn’t wait for the new LG model anymore, and I bought another brand instead. I was just afraid that according to “Murphy’s Law” the new LG would suddenly apear… That would have made me very pissed off! :iagree:

Well, I have already mentioned that the new model would be 4167 (and not 4165), it’s not REAL news, because 4167 was the model that was showed at Cebit all along, right from the beginning (already in march)! Only the release date wasn’t certain. It’s not a new change in LG’s plan. I don’t understand why there were rumors about 4165. They were wrong right from the start.

I’m sure that 4167 would support at least x6 for -DL (compared to “x0” with 4163, and x4 with 4165…).

By the way: I have suggested (here at the forum) that a new “Read-First” thread: “Near-Future Upcoming Models” would be added to each sub forum. This kind of information could be usefull, and should be concentrated at one place. NO ONE responded to my offer…

The OEM model 4166B is selling in HK ! It support LightScribe !

I also hope that 4167 will be a great and adequate Successor of 4163. I would love to see higher Write Speeds for RAM.

Please LG dont make us wait too long… cant sleep while waiting for it.

It looks OK and if the price will be right, I’ll be on.

IO DATA of Japan has a new model that supports 4x DL +/- and 5x DVD-RAM. It looks like OEM GSA-4173B and the release date is set for July.

Source: Impress.co.jp.

But we need faster speeds for DL±, Kenshin.

I’m not in such a hurry, we need the media first. :wink:

Of course, let’s not settle for anything less than 16x. :slight_smile:

5x DVD-RAM media are now no more expensive than 2x DVD-RAM media though it was difficult enough to find 3x one or two years ago outside Japan. So I hope 16x DVD-RAM media will become cheaper than they are now some months after the first release of 16x DVD-RAM drives. :slight_smile:

Ahh yes… lessee:

16x DL burn = 5 mins ? +
Lightscribe label burn = 32 mins

It will only cost me twice as much and take longer than a 2x burn did 3 years ago. I love progress…

20GB HDD 3 years ago was as expensive as 200GB SATA II HDD now.

16x DL burn should be more like 10 minutes.

I still remember the first guide for “shrinking” a full DL DVD some years ago. The instructions were to start the process…and check back in the morning.

Hey !! you have ANY idea how many BX chipset boxes are still out there with OCed Celery 366s and 64 Meg of PC 100 running Win98 to still give you that experience ?

I ment about 8x would be good.

Interesting news!
I’ve just found this, and called the support of the shop. The LG 4167 should be
in germany these days available. Seems to be that nothing is changed with
Dvd-Ram writing speeds, but support for dvd-dl. Anyway it’s on my favorite list. :smiley:
Here’s the link to the Shop

91 euro ??? are they mad?

I think it will be cheaper, benq 1640 retail first price was about 69 eur., after a short
time it was about 60 eur., so i’ll wait a little bit, if i can :wink: