LG DC593W DVD Player & Recorded DVD's

I have one of the above models which is a DVD/VCR combo.

Unfortunately it has a devil of a time trying to play recorded DVD’s which play perfectly on a Samsung model I have. I have since been informed by LG that it is not configured to play recorded DVD’s.

I have 2 questions for the knowledgeable:

  1. can I have harmed the player by trying to get it to play a few disks? It froze, jumped and generally spluttered until I gave up.

  2. is there any firmware etc available to modify the player so it WILL play recorded DVD’s?

Thanks for any assistance.

Someone may at least be able to answer this:

. the LG will play some recorded DVD’s perfectly, some it will cough and splutter and some it won’t even recognise as a disc.

Does it do any harm at all to play those it is happy to play or am I damaging the machine?

Thanks all.

I “highly” doubt that it has harmed your LG player in any way. However, if it’s new enough, I’d recommend returning it for a model that will play dvd-r / dvd+r / svcd / vcd without any problems. Go to www.videohelp.com and check out reviews for dvd players to find one that will fit your needs.

Anyone have problems recording from DVD to VHS on this machine?

When recording (old or new tape) the picture fades in and out like someone is playing with the contrast adjustment.

Doesn’t happen when recording from the TV