LG DARE - How Do I

I can’t seem to get the right setting to play movies back on my DARE.

Not sure if you drop the folder or just the file, either.

Flying on a plane tomorrow & want to watch a flick or two!

Any help out there?


I just got a Dare also. Did you get a memory card for it? I just dump the videos into the MyFlix folder on the memory card and they show up under the My Videos menu item under Media Center->Picture and Video->My Videos. In DVDFab, you can use the LG VX9400 profile (.3gp file) but the generic h264+AAC (.MP4) looks and sounds better. Whichever profile you use, keep the video bitrate below 280kbps or it won’t play back correctly. Select the 24 fps frame rate. I am making a profile for the Dare and the Voyager but haven’t finished them yet.

Thanks! I will try your recommended settings and post my results…

any updates on the profiles signals?

Hey Troy, did you get one of these too??
Yeah, I finished it and sent it to Ting for him to look over. It works well in my Dare and my wife’s Voyager so far, still doing some testing with different content. If Ting doesn’t make any changes I will post it or he may put it in the next release. I am trying to duplicate some strange video effects near the bottom of the screen, but I can’t make it happen again. Would also like to hear from nycdj69 on how those settings worked.

no i do not have one. but someone was asking me about it and i remembered reading that you had one. :slight_smile:

It makes MP4s instead of 3gp files, so the files are more likely to useful on some other device. I’ll let you know when I hear something.