LG CWA-4040b notebook can't burn ok?

OK, my first post for a problem I’ having.
I just bought this DVD ±RW and enthusiastic I got a 1o DVD + 4x recongnised as NANYA something…
I tried to burn a DVD to test it with DVDshrink and DVD decrypter following the guide I found on the net.
Now I have tried 5 (five!) times always having the error message at the verifying test.
Watching the disks all the copies get stuck after 1 hour and 30-45 minutes, they start being slower more and more then stuck and resume, never at the same time.
i’m using the .iso file way to burn and another thing I did , maybe silly… :confused: , is updating the firmware: original was 1.01, I put on an AR 1.02, really don’t know why… but I did.
Can somebody tell me what I do wrong? :confused:
Thank you !

From the sounds of it, you got junk media. Try a known quality media i.e. TY, Ricoh. If purchased in retail store, anything that states made in Japan you should be safe to say your getting quality media.