LG CU720 Shine Version?



I cracked the screen on my LG CU720 Shine. I have found replacement screens with different versions listed. 1.1, 1.2, and 1.4. Are these the “screen” versions or the “software” versions and where do I find the correct number? Under the battery I have found H/W: 1.4. Is this what I’m looking for? Thanks for the help.


Well I replaced the screen with a Version 1.4 and the only screen function that works it the back light. I traced the connector for the screen to the phone. It goes under a thin silver plate covering the rest of the connectors circuit board. I found that it is only held on by 2 small double sided stickies. Under the silver plate on the circuit board if found the following:

 LG CU720 LCD Screen ********** - 1.2

Now I’m going to go out on a limb here and hope I don’t fall, but I’m going to get a Version 1.2 screen and try it. Since the screens only cost $13.00 each, I’ll now have $26.00 invested on this fix. (Hell of a lot cheaper than a new phone!)

I’ll be back and post the results when I get the new screen and finish. Hope this helps someone!


Well, if this isn’t a crock of shit, I don’t know what is. I put the new screen Version 1.2 in after many failed attempts with the Version 1.4 screen. It still only works the back light. I realize that you have to be very careful to insert the screen connector just right. I guess I don’t know what just right is. (LOL) Oh well. Guess I’ll give up this mission for a while and try again sometime. Take care all!