LG CSA-5163D Problems



Wanting to improve the quality of my 2hr VHS to DVD conversions I ordered a Lacie DVD+R DL external firewire drive.
This turned up, plugged in the firewire. Black screen, laptop required hard reboot. Drive returned to Dabs using their excellent returns system.
Cash refunded and used to buy a LG CSA-5163D .
This works fine on firewire or USB2 except when writing DL.
This is what happens using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5:



Also when burning via Ulead Video Studio 9

ALL other formats are fine and the fault appears on both 1394 and USB.
Disc in use were TRAXDATA DVD+R DL 2.4x certified, 5 pack.

Eventually loaded Nero Express from the supplied disk and tested the remaining disk.

That tested OK but I ruined that by pressing the wrong button.

I did notice that the Roxio package insists on installing several ‘Sonic’ unsigned drivers for this drive and my old Freecom DVD writer as well.

I heve downloaded Nero 6 reloaded (latest version ) and I am about to remove Roxio and install Nero, trusting in system restore to keep me out of trouble (XP+SP2 fully updated).

Running on a 3.03 Ghz, 1GB Ram laptop with external Lacie 200GB Drive.

Emailed LG, response was rubbish, said to unplug my EIDE cable to the drive.
Emailed Roxio, response was to download an update to version 7.5.
Tried that, result another free jewel case.

LG site offers a firmware update V103, my drive is A102 and the LG message is to use this for any version less than 102. I notice in the review that this update was applied with positive results.
Should I do this or shall I wait and try Nero reloaded first. When my next batch of DL turns up that is.
Trying a 10 pack of TDK this time, ordered before I read the review.

Any thoughts anyone, I think Roxio as there a a lot of threads in the Roxio User Forum relating to DL problems.

Copyright problems maybe??