LG Confirms Sept. 1 Ultra HDTV Price Cuts

Englewood Cliffs, N.J. – The Ultra HDTV price slashing continued this week, after retailers revealed to TWICE that LG Electronics has responded to Sony’s and Samsung’s recent price moves by cutting the prices on its recently introduced 55- and 65-inch 4K LCD TV models.

An LG spokesman confirmed that the unilateral pricing policy (UPP) adjustments will take effect September 1, and will reduce the price tickets of the 55-inch 55LA9700 by $1,000 from $5,999 to $4,999, and the 65-inch 65LA9700 by $1,500 from $7,999 to $6,499.

Link: http://www.twice.com/articletype/news/lg-confirms-sept-1-ultra-hdtv-price-cuts/108159