LG comes with new 22x burner

I just posted the article LG comes with new 22x burner.

A few days ago LG announced that their latest super-multi DVD burner will be released later this summer. According to LG’s press release this drive can record a full DVD in just 4:30…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14417-LG-comes-with-new-22x-burner-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14417-LG-comes-with-new-22x-burner-.html)

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Huh, 16x for DVD+RW DL ? Where are the discs?

Miss type speaking on the SH-223 should be SH-203.

Who cares ??? Only clueless morons burn DVDs at 10x or faster. The burn quality goes to hell at the higher speeds.

Not really I get better burns @20x than 12x on my LG H55l and my Samsung 203N.

Incrementalism is the enemy of innovation.

@Bitrate, Sounds like you need to upgrade your equipment. There are a number of burners that produce outstanding results at speeds of 16-20x. Sounds like you might be a clueless moron when it comes to knowing this! :g

Looks like the interface will be IDE. The LG site has the word “EIDE” buried in there. http://www.lge.co.kr/cokr/pr/pr_news/FrontBoardDetailCmd.laf?mncode=NEWS&actcode=NEWS&seq=9953 So what is 22x gonna do for us instead of 20x? Burn 8 seconds faster than 20x? With a mountain of PIF and PIE at the last 0.2 GB? The firmware probably only supports 22x for one type of MID too. Still, I’ll probably buy one some day out of boredom. :stuck_out_tongue:
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“16x for DVD+RW DL”?? You probably mean “16x for DVD+R DL”. :c PS. I want a burner with support for DVD+RW DL and DVD-RW DL. I also want those discs.