LG Combo drive HT-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4521B can't read any disc

I’ve got this drive 3 years ago and it perfom very good quality burning. But a few month ago it has some problem. The drive max write speed is only 8x. Whenever I try to write in 16x speed it always stuck in 33% regardless of CD size and then report as it had a problem and can’t complete the process. I try with both Nero and Ulead burning software but the result is the same. And after once time I try to burn in 16x speed my drive suddently can’t read any disc (cd, dvd, blank cd).
I had try restart my computer, reinstall WinXP, try to boot with a bootable CD but nothing happened. Lately I’ve even try update firmware to lastess version (v1.07) but it still can’t read any disc even in WinXP, boot mode or in Linux.
Does any one know what happend to my drive and how to restore it?
Notes: I didn’t install any new game, software or hardware before the last time I try to burn in 16x speed.

Does it happen with all different types of media, if so, I think unfortunately perhaps it’s because a dead drive.

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