LG Cell Phone with Breathalyzer gaining popularity

The world’s first sports car phone with alcohol Breathalyzer has gotten tremendous popularity in Korea. The cell phone by LG was a big hit from the beginning mainly because its outward appearance of a sports car. Equipped with a handy alcohol measurement sensor, the LG-SD410, LG-KP4100, and LG-LP4100 have sold over 200,000 in the four months that it has been available, and is still selling around 1500 per day.

Well thats great I think, as long as the sensor in that thing is accurate. The legal limit is 0.2‰ here, and it would be a shame to see people get caught because their phone said they were clean. Then again, if you drink you shouldnt drive anyway.

LG released some “idea” phones this year. Sports car phones like Samsung has done. UV-sensor phones. Bluetooth phones. 5-megapixel camera phones of which camera part turns 180 degrees and are only 18mm thick (much thinner than equivalent units from Samsung and Motorola.) Game phones. DMB TV phones whose screens turn 360 degrees.

And I just want all of those in one. :frowning: