Lg Ced8120b

Whaat do you think about upgrading my CED 8120B (12x) firmware1.02 to a higher one??Tell me if you has made something like that or if it would be possible.

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kokomen, if no one answered it could be for the following reasons:

[li]no one here knows about this particular brand or model of burner (I never heard of it myself - could be a local brand?).
[/li][li]you did not submit enough information about the burner (e.g. who is your drive’s manufacturer - a lot of rebadging is going on with burner brands).
This is a fairly small, growing forum with a lot of good willed people. You did the right thing adding a reply to your post to bring it to our attention but it seems by your smilies you are very disappointed (actually I think the ‘sad’ looks more like a ‘mad’ one - that should be corrected!); in any case, it is all manned by volunteers who also have day jobs just like I do and cannot sometimes be there at the right time.

This being said (sorry if I sounded moralsitic, just tried to be informative), you could try the MTKFLASH utility, which is designed to flash devices with the MediaTek chipset such as most of the Lite-ONs and rebadged Lite-ONs. If it can read the chipset of your burner, then it means it your burner uses the MediaTek chipset and could well be a rebadged Lite-ON in which cacse you’d go right on the Lite-ON forum here and find all or practically all the info you need.

Hope this helps a bit and good luck. I will try to see what can be done about the smilies.

Thank you very much 83bj60 for yor answer, my burner is a LG (goldastar)12x CED-8120B with firmware 1.02.
I have looking for a new firmware and i have found the 2.00 rom, but i dont know whts improvement it has, so i havent flashed it yet.

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Have you looked at the French firmware site? there’s good info on your burner’s firmware, there, and important info pertaining to the firmware upgrade you are considering here.

Hope this helps a bit.

Ok thank you very much,but in that txt is not the showed the upgrades from the others firm…So, I dont know if I should do the change or not, cause the burner is already runing quite well.

Thnx a lot 83bj60.

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Well here’s my take on the upgrade philosophy:

[li]If you like to experiment and don’t mind getting adverse results and have plenty of time to deal with the possible drawbacks or are willing to invest effort for a chance to get an increase in performance, then by all means do the flash upgrade!
[/li][li]If you need the best reliability and your present setup gives you no trouble, have no time for experimenting or don’t want to take any chances and spend time and waste media, then go with the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach!

I’m telling you this from experience. I have a Lite-ON 40125S and have tried all the published firmwares (official and not) to come to this conclusion:

[li]The ‘best’ firmware is the one that works in all situations in an even manner. It will probably not be the most efficient but will probably give the most reliable results (for my burner that would be one of the earlier official firmware versions (ZS08)).
[/li][li]The highest performing firmware is also the one that gives the most variable results; like a car engine that is twaeked for max performance, it ‘breaks’ more often.

These findings are based on tests with many different aplications (burnt a spindle of media to test all of them in varied situations).

Like the old saying goes, your mileage may (strike that - will) vary, so this advice is based solely on my personal experience! And like we say in French, ‘qui ne risque rien n’a rien’, which can be loosely translated as ‘who doesn’t take any risks surely won’t reap any of the benefits it may offer’…

Confused? Sorry if I didn’t help you decide what to do! But hopefully, you should now know better what you could be getting into and be better able as a result to take a better informed decision.

HTH and good night,

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Thnx man

hi again…Could i upgrade my CED8120B to the LG (HLDS) GCE-8240B ???Has anyone tried something like this???