LG CED-8120B Following Track Error (and a weird thing)

Hi, greetings everyone i’m new in this forum. I got an LG CED-8120B cd burner and since a while ago I been havin problems burning.

At first the problem came when I tried to copy a cd from another (not on the fly, creating an image first), the message was: “Following Track Error 4:0x09:0x00” (and I can hear a glitch from the cd drive); but when I tried to make a data cd, or an audio cd from former mp3 files i had no problems.

Now the things got worse, it gives me this problem whenever i try to burn ANY kind of CD. I used nero 6 and CloneCD getting the same awful results.

BUT … (and this makes the difference between my case and the rest) it only happens when i burn cdr disks, WHEN I DO IT WITH CDRW DISKS I GOT NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!!! WTF!

If my recorder was screwed I wouldn’t even be able to burn cdrw disks, somebody help me please.


Try different media, it could be that you just picked some bad CD-Rs.

I’m having the same problem with the same recorder. I’m using this recorder for two years and this is the first time it disappoints me.

Any solution?

I have the exact same issue here.

I also have an LG CED-8120B and I also got the “Track Following Error” in Nero 6. I have tried writing from an image file to a CD with many different software like: Nero, CloneCD, CDRWin, Easy CD Creator, 120% Alcohol and a few others, but to no avail. In all those progs it can’t write, always giving me a hardware issue about can’t write to “Output Device” or “Track Following Error” when I try to write from an Image file (ISO, BIN/CUE, CCD/IMG, and other types).

I have tried many things, I have tried writing at very low speeds (x1, x2, x4), I have upgraded my firmware to 2.00 version from the LG site, I have tried 6 types of different medias (Sony, TDK, Maxell, Silver-Line, Verbatim and LG), I have tried removing certain recording progs (to make sure there are no conflicts), I have twiddled with DMA settings in BIOS, I have even replaced the IDE cable. All of this and nothing works. I’m completely stumped here.

I have this recorder for almost 3 years now, and I have burned more than 200 CD’s with it with no problems whatsoever.

Any help or suggestions are very welcome (please don’t write about sending the drive to LG, since this is obvious, any other suggestion will be very appreciated).

Thx in adv