LG CED-80808 and Windows XP with Nero



I am using an LG CD/RW model CED-80808 with Windows XP Home and SP2. Nero will not (a) cache the files to hard drive (even though that option is checked) and (b) will give me a “write error” message after burning about 30%. Is it my recorder / OS combination or is it the brand of media I am using? Any thoughts?


I am having the same exact problem with same set up and same cd/rw model. Its actually 8080B (hard to distinguish that 8 from B)
This started happening about two weeks ago and i am stumped why…went through at least 25 blank cds (now coasters) trying to figure it out. :a
It seems to only happen when trying to burn an audio CD and its not just with Nero, but with every burning software i tried.
Never had this problem before and cant figure it out. I updated to and still same problem.