Lg Cdrom Driver

I have SuSE Linux 10.1. Bought LG GCE-8527B CDR/W drive. Various LG drivers supported with this installation, but not this one! Have surfed for suitable driver, but it seems LG are the only one, supporting Windows only. Would appreciate it if someone can help or steer me to a supplier. Am not much clued up on software.

Arwuh? Suse Linux 10 doesn’t support normal IDE drivers? What kind of system do you have? Can you tell us, in detail, the hardware setup of your system?

:confused: You don’t need any drivers from LG for this, neither in Windows, nor Linux. Optical drives work with built-in OS drivers in both environments and should be recognized & installed automatically upon booting the system.

Suggest you upgrade to SUSE 10.2 as 10.1 can be somewhat recalcitrant.