LG CDR/RW burning audio cds issues

Hey folks I am new here and hoping you guys can help me out with a massive problem I am having. I purchased an LG 8400B CDR/RW burner in October 2002. Around February 2003, when ever I burnt an audio CD, it seemed that the first few songs would play fine in my factory car stereo but then each song therafter would play but with crackles, hiss and scratchy noises. I want to also say that my car stereo played all kinds of burnt cd brands for 1.5 years until around this January. I do not know if I installed something or what but anyway, I have not been able to successfully burn an audio cd that will play in my car stereo since. All of my CDs that were burnt before January still play fine as do all of my “Real” music cds.

So here is what I had tried:
I have tried 3 different brands of cdrs (Imation, Cursor and generic blank cdrs) and both have the exact same results. First 1 or 2 songs are fine, the ones after that skip, hiss, etc. The odd thing these cds play fine in my PC’s cdrom and in my Apex DVD player.

I have tried pretty much every ASPI layer that I can find and have used ForceASPI but nothing.

I have tried a cd cleaner but nothing.

I have tried burning at 2x (and it is a 40x writer) and I get the same results.

I have reformatted my harddrive and reinstalled Win2K. This did nothing.

I had a friend burn an audio cd on a Cursor cdr on his HP External writer and it worked like a charm in my car cd player. The same Cursor cdrs do nothing when burnt on my cdwriter but spit it out after crackling and hissing for a bit.

I am running Win2K and have tried using Easy Cd Creator 5 & 6, Fire Burner and Nero 5.5, all with the same results. I have an IWill KK266 motherboard and AMD 1.2Ghz CPU. I have not added any new hardware to cause a conflict either. I should note that my data and VCD/SVCDs are fine. It is just my newly burnt audio cds.

Upgraded the firmware to the newest version (1.04 at the time)

Updated my Via drivers for my mother board.

After not getting my older 40x cd burner to burn an audio cd without it producing crackling noises upon playback, I RMA’d the drive with LG and they sent me a new 52X write drive in its place. The drive burnt probaly 25 cdrs great over the span of 3 months or so, with no problems. Unfortunantely I seem to be now having the same problem with this drive a I did with the last one. When I burn an audio CDr (source is MP3 to WAV on the fly) it seems the first 8 or so tracks are fine but as we get to the tracks near the end of the CD they start to crackle and pop and gets worse with as it gets to the end. This is the same symptoms as I had before . Eventually. with more burns, more tracks are plagued with the same cracklling problem until the disc is totally unreadable. I am conviced that there is either a conflict of some sort or something in my system is making my burner go bad. One of the only things I have not tried is putting the burner into another PC and doing a burn from there.

Does anyone have any suggestions that have not already been stated above? I am really at my wits end here.