Lg & cd text

I have a LG GSA-H42N just checking to seee if it can write cd-text so my cd player in the car can have the music info…Artest name - Song Naem Ect Ect …i am burning with nero 9.0 that supports cd-text…but not sure if the player does any info would be great thanks!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hi and Welcome!

unfortunately, there are only few hardware and software players that support CD-Text.
As for hardware players, there is a good chance for CD-Text support with Sony players (at least the Sony OEM unit in my car does). Perhaps there is a hint in the manual of your player, or ask the manufacturer.

If you only want to check if the CD-Text information is written onto the disc, you may try CDex. This tool has a “read CD Text” option.

Please note that you can (and should) safely ignore the Aspi recommendation which is given there.