LG CD-RW read speed settings ?!?


I´ve had a little but annoying problem for some time now with my LG 8240B writer. I can not control the reading speed. Writing speed control works perfectly, but reading speed is always MAX, whatever program i try to use to reduce the speed. Sometimes it would be helpful… I´ve used Nero DriveSpeed, CloneCD, Nero, CDDAE, EAC, BWsuite etc. to set the reading speed with no succes. My other Drives (Plex 2410, Samsung SD-612s DVD, Toshiba 48x CD-ROM) obey the read speed commands in these sofwares without any problem…!? I´ve heard of similar problems from other LG owners also. Have anyone solved this kind of problem in LG CD-RW?

My system is:
P4-1.8A, MSI 845E-MAX2-BLR
Maxtor D740X 80G alone in RAID,
LG 8240(m) alone in IDE 1,
Plextor and SD-612s (s) in IDE2
all drives in DMA mode (LG in multiword DMA of course, others UDMA 2)
Win XP Pro SP1

Otherwise everything works perfectly…

OK, i´ve heard that some drives DO NOT have the ability to reduce reading speed with AUDIO CDs. This seems to be the case with my LG too. Could anyone confirm this with LG CD-RW drives, please!

Is there any way (firmware update etc.) to go around this problem. Since with scratched CDs low read speed aömost always helps to avoid read errors.