LG CD-RW GCE-8526B fried

Hello people.
I have an LG CD burner, which got fried this morning. There were no CD in the tray, it just started to smell. When I turned my computer off I realised the smell was from my CD burner. I opened it, and here’s what I saw (sorry for bad quality pictures).
It happened suddenly, so I wan’t to know what is cause of that? Burner is recognised fine both by BIOS and Windows, but it won’t recognise any CD (which is understandable considering the pictures). I suspect it could be electricity or heat problem. If someone has any idea about this, please say - I don’t want this happens to me again.

Looks like a really bad “burnout”.

What’s wrong with this thread?! Nobody besides chef doesn’t have any opinion about this? :frowning:
Edit: Is there any way to replace this burned cable?

ok… another late reply from me :frowning: … but maybe … better than never… right?! :confused:
i can’t say anything but that u have to make a local search in these IT Maintainance Shops or so… they’re used to fix single damage chips and IC’s… maybe an isolated damaged cable could be repalceable … that’s the only thing u can’t ask about on CD-Freaks… as even if we could help… u need the physical part of the answer eventually :confused:… just go make ur local search… if u really still care about fixing that old lady :wink:

Thanks for replying, headquarter84. Yes, I would like to fix “The Old Lady”.:slight_smile: I’ve tried to replace that cable, I even found replacement one, but… The thing is that not just the cable, but a certain amount of panel was burned, too. It’s like a overfried potatoes!:bigsmile: So I’m afraid that can be done anymore. I kept the drive, just in case someone needs a spare part.:slight_smile:
Thanks anyway!:wink:

hey!! well… i had a similar case with my HDD a short time before… one chip was in-flames :p… i went to this “IT Specialist” store… they offered to replace the chip for $15, or replace the whole board for $18… if u have such stores in Bosnia, they might have replacemet boards for LG Burners… and it would cost u for less than 50% of a new drive’s price :)… and u might enjoy ur old lady’s company again :bigsmile:

Fortunately, there was no fire, but the smell of fried plastics is awful - it still stinks! :Z
I think there are no “Specialist” stores you were talking about here (but there are stores that will try to sell all kinds of tech crap - mostly second hand goods).:Z

and it would cost u for less than 50% of a new drive’s price :)… and u might enjoy ur old lady’s company again


that’s really weird :confused: :confused: it’s like… nothing personal but… as i know… Bosnia doesn’t have this strong economy as some other European countries… so, it should be like the case in here… where u find that not everyone could buy a new hardware incase of getting the old one damaged… so they lean towards repairing… we have more than 2 or 3 IT Maintainance Pro. stores in one place in here… cus ppl REALLY don’t have enough money to buy new stuff… like in my HDD situation… it took me a good mount of time to decide if i should pay $15 to replace a chip with no guaranteed results, or pay that extra $3 and have a 100% granted working HDD :confused: :confused: :o

i believe that such store SHOULD exist somewhere there in Bosnia :confused: :confused:
if u have something like a Tech-City or Tech-Market… u should find these stores hidin somewhere :S!! i mean… afterall it wasn’t easy to me to find them too :disagree: :disagree:

OK, here’s the thing: in Banjaluka (2nd size city in B(osni)A) there are no such stores. There are stores where you can repair…I don’t know, a washing machine, TV and such stuff. But, regarding computer tech stuff, :disagree:.
However, I think there are such IT Maintainance stores in Sarajevo (capital of BA). But it simply isn’t worth to repair those things - after all it cost more than new stuff! And mentality of the people here is that none of them would give 50% of price of new thing to fix the old one.

Bosnia doesn’t have this strong economy as some other European countries…

You are right about that!!! Comparing to prices in those European countries, some things are very cheap, but some are expensive - like computer stuff, for example.

You should really come here for vacation.
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