LG CD-rw dosen't work in XP

Hi CdFreaks

My LG CD-rw dosen’t work in windows xp sp2
In the computerhardware it’s no problem with it.
but it can’t read the cds in windows.

If i start the CD before windows starts up it’s work fine. I can read the files.
but not in windows.

I think that is some “register key” failure, where can I find the “CD register keys” for the CD?

Or is someone else who have a great trix to make the CD work?

Best regards


Give the instructions on this page of mine a try:



Thanx for trying to help me with your url.
but I don’t have UpperFilter niether LowerFilter in the register files with the source HKEY_Local_machine…->

Do you have any other good Idea?


Possible that auto insert notification is not enabled. Getting DVD Decrypter or Imgburn & is the easiest/safest way to check/set it. It’s under Tools/Settings/Device.