Lg Cd-rw Ced8080b Isn't Recognized As A Rw



I hope someone can help me. My cdrw is not recognized as a cdrw. So far I have: deleted and reinstalled it. Searched for new drivers. Ensured registry is correct. but nothing. I currently use Windows Media Player 10 and Roxie cd burner. Is there a fix out there that I haven’t tried? Is the drive bad? If I need a new drive (which I hope I don’t), what should I look for? Are they easy to install? Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

The drive works ok as a cd-rom. But I want to be able to burn cds


Hi and be welcome!

Can you tell us what doesn’t see this drive as a burner? If it’s only Windows that doesn’t report it to be a burning device, don’t worry too much. Burning software still may be able to see the drive and it may work just fine.

If your burning software does not recognize this drive as a burner, it might be that the software is outdated. Updating it to a more recent version (visit the website of the producer for updates) might overcome this issue.

If that all isn’t the case, there might be something wrong with your IDE setup. Usually problems like these are rather easy to solve. Before diving into that pool, I’d like to ask you to check the first things I mentioned.


Thanks I’m hpoing to find this a great site to further my knowledge

I have tried buring from both windows media player 10 and roxio cd - both cannot locate correct drive (rw).

I’ve tried to locate new upgrades for cdrw, but could not. Don’t know if I’m looking in the correct places. I went to HP for upgrades, windows update, but not the original manuf. LC. Should I go to this site?