LG CD-RW CED-8083B Woes

I am hoping someone out there can help me with a little problem I have been having.

I have a compaq computer that came with a “LG CD-RW CED 8083B” drive. It worked fine for a long time, but then I uninstalled Norton AV and that started causing problems in WinXP Home. So, I reinstalled WinXP in hopes to overwrite the errors and reinstall some damaged files and what-not. Well, that’s when the trouble with this drive started. It now will ONLY recognize discs that have been burned. It will not identify any music or software CD at all. I am thinking some of the drivers for this drive were wiped out and installing Roxio EZ CD Creator 5 Platinum is the only reason it can still burn and identify burned discs… but I am probably wrong.

If anyone has any ideas as to what I can try to fix this problem, or what is probably wrong, I would be eternally greatful if you share your thoughts.

Amarach Drakhar

hi, i had the same problem, but i don’t think that uninstalling norton av has anything to do with it. it’s just a crummy cd drive. mine lasted less than a year before it started not reading game or music cds, only burned cdr disks.
if it had been a driver issue, it would have been fixed upon re-install.
my advice is to invest in a decent drive. look on this forum to find recommendations.
good luck!

Hi, Bill Graver here. So happens I’ve got an 8083b in Compaq pc with AMD Process. My problem is no software program to make it work at all. I tried Roxio’s Creator 6 with no luck. Can you help me out with the right program for burning cd’s? Thanks

You could even try with a trial version from Nero (v6!) or CopyToDVD or Cdburnerxp. :wink: