Lg Cd-rw Ced-8083b @win Xp

the drive is recognized as CD ROM, not as CD Writer.
the specification says the drive won´t work under XP. :frowning:
theres no driver download available.
maybe a firmware update could help? :confused:


I, too, have the lovely little CD burniner you mentioned. It was a freebie on an old Dell system circa de 2000.

I’ve recently attempted the firmware update you mentioned and it was a successful update, but I am still unable to use the burning features of several native Windows XP applications.

However, I discovered that even before I did the firmware update I was still able to burn CD’s when I used 3rd party CD burning software such as Music Match Jukebox. I would recommend trying the program if you haven’t already. There is a shareware trial version of it that lets you burn 5 test CD’s.

There’s another trick out the in the Microsoft Knowledgebase too. You may want to do a few keyword searches on the database. I remember that Microsoft’s recommendation involved a registry edit. Again, it made little difference if any to the CD burning capabilitiesof my computer – Windows Media Play still wouldn’t work, etc. – But it may work for you.

I hope some of these suggestions might work for you. I’ve had one heck of a time with this burner and I’m about ready to just replace it. It’s high maintenance…

Good luck and let me know what you find.