LG CD-RW 32x12x40

  1. The HDD is Primary Master, LG DVD is Secondary Master, Sony CD-RW 12x8x32 is Primary Slave and LG CD-RW 32x12x40 is Secondary Slave.

  2. The problem is that I can’t set the LG-RW in UDMA mode. In BIOS is set on AUTO, and in Windows on DMA IF AVAILABLE. And he still works in PIO mode.

  3. Please help!!!

To my knowledge, the LG drives (upto 40X I suppose) do not support the UDMA modes. They will operate on Pio Mode. This is a hardware limitation you can’t do anything about.

Starting from the 48X flavor, UDMA modes are supported by LG.

  1. I think you are wrong, because I used the LG 32x12x40 on other computer and I burned a CD in 3~4 minutes.

  2. Now I’m wondering if there isn’t a limitation of the MB. I have a MSI k7T Turbo.

  3. But thanks.

Well I just confirmed what I said…See these links:




Starting from the 48X flavor, UDMA 2 is supported…


It could be a limitation of your motherboard also.

  1. Thanks!