LG CD-Rs good?




Just wondering, anyone had any experience with LG CD-Rs? Think the model number is this…LGED1205. It’s the 52x LG Spindle. I wouldn’t normally ask whethey they are good or not, but I bought a pack of HPs, and burning 6 cds, 4 of which has errors. I’ve been trying to burn a copy of my music onto it, they play all right, but it doesn’t repeat after playing the last track. So I don’t want to buy another spindle with the same problem.

I have a NEC 3520A burner with NERO. Any comments on the LGs?


I have read that it’s likely usseing Plasmon atip. (You could use some tool like cdspeed to read out the manufacturer.)
About plasmon atip disc’s plasmon sells there technology.So who made them is a big question. The quality is is again a big question because it’s the manufacturer/brand who decides it.
Also support for Plasmon atip code isn’t optimal however this also might be because manufacturers have to use a strategy that works with most stuff with the code and with the large variations I have seen this might be hard.


Hmmm…so I can potentially run into the same problem again?


Let me say this I have seen huge difference with plasmon coded media.
AOD’s Double Diamond Digital disc’s performed very nice up to 40x reading on most drives(above the errors start riseing. At 40x and lower it can compete against TY/FUJI and stuff.)
Now I also have used SKY media’s (made in switzerland) disc’s with plasmon code. (yep it was for a testing purpose. I don’t buy this crap media.) Also this media has a plasmon atip code however disc’s showed C2 errors when read back at any speed and it didn’t matter what drive I used.
Both disc’s use Plasmon atip code but perform very different.

I would prefer avoiding
For CD-r’s I would recommend: Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim/Mitsubishi AZO media, FUJI (made in germanny) or Ritek.


Hmmm…what about Philips Silver Blue series? I am trying to get those in Australia, and some of them are hard to find. I can find Ritek and Verbatim, but that’s about it. Sorry to have so many questions, but thanks for your help.


Philips Silver blue don’t know that version.
Philips uses quite some different manufacturers for there media.