LG CD-ROM CRD-8482B Firmware

My mate has a really old drive called an LG CD-ROM CRD-8482B. He asked me if I could find the latest firmware for it but I cannot find it… Does anyone know where it is???

He wants the firmware because he copied Call of Duty but he needs Alcohol 120% to “ignore media type” because it only plays in his CD-RW with this enabled, but he also has an old CD-ROM, when he plays it in here and it lauches and error report thingy comes up saying “CallofDuty.exe” is failed and asks if he wants to send an error report or don’t send one. It is a good copy but the CD-RW needs to hid the media and the CD-ROM just fails. I told him “maybe the latest firmware would make it read properly”. So here I am…

Any help will be great!!!

I know this message is over a year old, but here’s a link that has it for anyone that needs.