LG CD-ROM 8400B,will not open?

I have a LG CD-ROM CRD-8400B

That will not open? It has similar model number to newer CDRW-but it is a CD ROM,

would firmware update fix why it wont open?

anyone have a link?

Could not find any reference to it on LG site?

i had the problem on two differnt Lg dvd and cd roms

It is not he firmware it is a design flaw
Lg uses a stupid rubber band to move the eject motor thus when the rubber is whorn out the cd tray doesnt move at all
the little light goes on but doesnt eject unlss you try it about three time

the way to fix it is to open the dvd rom and remove the rubber clean it and place it back in the dvd rom if the rubber is too badly whorn you need to replace it

It is really stupid of them to use a rubber band to move a heavy cd tray

ALSO dont oil the gears that will only make it whorse

well you can use some silicon grease on the gears but only just smear it

silicon grease willl soften the plastic of the gears with time .

Yah.this worked in the case of my LG DVD ROM.
When I kept on pushing the eject button for 5-6 times, then the CD Tray opened.
But my query is that, how can i take out the rubber from the DVDROM.
I m just a novice in the hardware field.So do u suggest me to take it to a person who can really do it or if its that simple to take out the rubber and clean it, pls lemme know the steps i need to follow.
Thanking You