LG cd/dvd combo drive wont read most of the dvds i have

I have a HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4120B(LG cd/dvd combodrive).
When i stick on an audio cd it works fine.When i put in most of my DVDs(usually a film dvd) it cant read it.These dvds are playing fine in my normal dvd player but try as i might i cant get them to work on my pc.
For example i just tried three dvds in my dvd drive.First one i tried Batman Begins wasnt recocgnised by the drive so I tried an older dvd Pump up the Volume which was recognised and played fine.Lastly I tried The Crow special edition also an older disc and the drive said no disc in this drive please enter one.

Has anyone with the same problem fixed it or is it just a bad drive to have.
I need help

it sounds like a codec issue. u prolly need to install latest media player and real player or if that solves nothing, try using codec pack like klite [but make sure it is the latest one cos earlier have issues with real player].
if not that then a firmware upgrade is order. also, are the dvds the correct region? have a look in properties.


I upgrade the firmware to 2.02 from 2.0 but still have same problem.As regards using real player etc the disc arent being read by the drive so i cant see them in explorer even.

Um, I think I have the same problem except the LG drive does not read anything anymore, it just started sort of quitting on me. I suspect it is physically damaged, but if someone has ideas how to get a drive to recognise cd’s and dvd’s I could save a few bucks. I had a virus on the machine that damaged the mainboard, could it do the same to the drive??? I tried the latest firmware but to no avail.

If you cannot read any disc, then its likely that your drive has lived its life.

You may want to try this: Check if you have the Adaptec ASPI installed…it gives me strange read problems sometimes. There’s a utility called ASPIcheck to check whether it is installed.

I did the check and it said no Aspi installed.Can you tell me how to install it.

I think ive installed it as Aspicheck says i now have the aspi files loaded.Tried my Batman Begins DVD still reas as no dic in drive. Anyone got any other ideas.The drive does work as a recent dvd i got with a magazine worked fine.

you guys may have the same problem i’m wrestling with at the moment with my acer 8104 laptop and its HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA-4080N.

I already had Acer replace the DVD drive once already and the problem’s still there. so i think the problem’s not the drive…

I found if i open device manager and set the secondary IDE channel (it’s under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers) to “PIO Only” mode, then I can at least access the CD/DVD drive, albeit rather slowly.