Lg burner

i just backed up a couple of dvd’s with my new lg gsa 2166d. i ran the nero cd-dvd speed test on them. it gave a lot of info. i am looking for how fast my burner burned the dvd. how do i find this out? :bigsmile:


With which software you burn them? Some programms show you the real writing speed.

You can make with Cdspeed a transfer-rate-test on blank media, but I guess only with DVD-R

i used clonedvd2. i had it set to max speed for the burn. didnt say how fast it actually burned.


Use Cdspeed, insert a DVD-R and start transfer-rate-test.

Burning times:

4x = ca. 15 Min
8x = ca. 8 Min.
16x = ca. 5.30 Min