LG burner Panasonic recorder DVDRAM incompatibility?



Today I received an LG GSA5120 external burner, mainly to use for playing DVD RAM made on this machine on my Panasonic DMR E85H. Or so I thought. I want to use RAM as I probably won’t want to keep most of the material.

If I format a Panasonic DVDRAM on the Panasonic, INCD says it needs formatting for the LG.

If I format the disc using INCD on the LG and drag a DVD file onto it, then place that in the Panasonic it goes haywire…turns on and off, error message etc.

If I just format the disc with INCD and place it in the Panasonic it says it needs formatting!

What is going on? Does anyone have any ideas?

BTW. mpeg2 files dragged onto the disc play perfectly with PowerDVD on my PC.


I would guess that you need to choose the filesystem to use on the DVD-RAM disk when formatting. To use it on both the PC and the Panasonic recorder you want to select UDF2.0. If it is formatted on the PC using either FAT32 or UDF1.x, the Panasonic recorder will not recognize it.

When formatting using InCD, there are options for this, by clicking on Advanced.  My version shows:

UDF 1.02
UDF 1.50
UDF 2.00
UDF 2.01
UDF 2.50

Give UDF2.00 a try.


Thanks for your reply. I wondered if it might have something to do with the file system, but unfortunately INCD is already set at 2.

Maybe the Panasonic uses a different value…but there is nothing in the manual.


My solution to this problem was/is:
I don’t use 3x speed DVD-RAM or 5x speed DVD-RAM media but only 2x speed DVD-RAM media.

See also this thread.


With a bit of experimenting it seems that a disc formatted at UDF2.01 is recognised by the Panny recorder. But so far whenever I try to play a DVD RAM made from converting an AVI to DVD in TMPG express, the Panny says there is nothing on the disc.


So it was UDF file system version problem after all?


I’m still not sure. I have now discovered that if I format the disc in my Panasonic DMRE85H video recorder then use Power Producer that came with the LG burner to “burn” the DVD file (created from an AVI with TMPGC Express) the result plays perfectly on the Panasonic.
That is to say I bypass INCD completely (I’ve always hated it) and don’t do any formatting with it. So maybe the UDF number is irrelevant…who knows?


I am using a panasonic e55 and LG 4163 without problems.

  1. I am using Ridisc dvdram from blankdiscshop.co.uk. They are already formatted and work directly with the panasonic.
  2. I do not use incd.
  3. I use TMPGenc dvd author to read the disc and transfer the video onto the hard drive and then author the dvd. There is a tutorial on this at www.digital-recorder.co.uk.
  4. I believe there is an issue with the e85 and panasonic ram discs but the ridiscs are good.

Hope this is a help.



Does TMPGC Express format a DVD-RAM disk?


As far as I am aware Tmpg express does not format Ram discs.
There is a program which will write to Ram discs in a way which will be accepted by most dvd recorders. Try Neodvd from www. mediosoft.com.

I do not use INCD. Using Windows xp I use the ram driver set from kenshin’s website to read ram discs formatted by the Panasonic recorder. The files are then written to the hard disc and re-authored to dvd.

To use a ram disc the other way round ie to convert an avi file to mpeg so that it can be read by the panasonic a DVD_RTAV header file needs to be produced. I think Neodvd will do this.

Tmpgenc Author will produce a DVD header file “Video_ts” and “video.ifo” and split the mpeg file into “vob” files. Fot the Panasonic recorder to read this it needs to be on a “-R” dvd disc.