Lg burner/nero disc quality problems

Hi all -

My first post on the forum, though i’ve been a regular ‘dipper’ for ages :smiley:
Hoping you have some ideas on a problem I’ve been getting for ages that has seen me through two different models of LG burner…
I treated myself to a new PC about 15 months ago that came fitted with an LG gsa 4167dl burner. After about 6 months i noticed that disc quality using nero’s software was very poor, but as the warranty on the burner was out (the PC was an ex demo unit - 1 years warranty on everything except the opti drives which only had 6 months) I decided to invest in a new drive when the warranty on the PC ran out and just use my old NEC burner on my son’s PC in the meantime (still with me? Sorry it’s such a zzzzzzzzz post!)…
So, a couple of months ago I bought a spanking new GSAH42L drive and GUESS WHAT?? same problem!
I’ve spoken to LG, who say ‘do the discs play?’ and that they don’t ‘endorse’ nero for testing, which is why their burners aren’t recognised (I have to test them in my Sony rom drives!) - a fair question, but hardly helpful when you’re looking for something for long term storage and you don’t want them to degrade over the next six months. All you can say is ‘they seem to NOW’…
I’m guessing the chances of getting two dud LG burners in a row are minimal, and i’ve got some sort of ‘write strategy/software’ incompatability here, but how can i tell for sure??
I’ve downloaded VSO’s disc checker, and surface/read scans seem fine, but if that’s the case, why is Nero giving me a completely different answer?
On other thing that’s really confusing - there is no consistency either. If i run the same disc through nero 10 times i’ll get 10 different results, ranging from 95% plus down to zero!
My old burner is a NEC ND3540A, and anything i burn on that comes out between 95% and 99% whatever drive i check the finished disc in. If it wasn’t for the fact that it doesn’t burn RAM I’d just buy another of those workhorses and have done! This drive, and a sony DDU 1615 are the ones I generally use to check discs, and both have the same issues with anything burnt by the LG Drive(s)…

Firmware and everything on all drives is as update as can be. I only use verbatim 16X + media (almost exclusively DVD-5 rather than DL)
Use Nero and VSO burning engines (not an incompatability issue there, as this is same on my 2nd machine with the NEC drive) and if ripping backups use either ‘DVDFab Platinum’ or Good ol’ ‘shrink’

Any advice greatly appreciated, or even just a heads up that this is a known problem and not a fault with my burns.
Anyone know of any disc quality test other than VSO surface/read scans that i can use as an alternative to nero?
Anything? Please?? :bigsmile: